Artwork by Kelly Coleman

HBAC Fairy Tale

My very talented friend painted this picture of me and my daughter, Sophie, for my birthday. Another friend told me it needed a story to go with it. I decided to write a little fairy tale about how Sophie and I came to be.

Once upon a time there was a queen with long red hair and a fierce temper. Her country was at war with several other nations and she herself was busy leading Soldiers in battle. In fact, she was far too busy for a family.

Then one day, after returning home to her kingdom after battle, she prayed to God for a baby and God smiled on her and blessed her with a happy little boy. When it was time for the little baby boy to be born, he was so silly that he tried to enter the world backwards. The doctors who attended the queen cut him out of her rather then to let him be born by the queen herself. It made the queen sad that the doctors had cut him out, but she was glad to hold her baby boy in her arms. He was the country’s new prince.

Soon after the queen learned that she was to be blessed again with another baby. Her and the king declared a celebration and made preparations for the new baby. Then one day, the doctors told the queen that the baby had died inside of her belly, and they cut this baby out too. The queen was so sad she cried until there were no more tears to be shed.

When she was out of tears the queen prayed hard for another baby and God heard her. This time he sent one of his Angels to look after the baby. At first the queen did not want to tell anyone about the baby, especially not the doctors. As the baby started to grow the queen could no longer keep it secret and  the doctors told the queen that it was to be a baby girl, with long hair like the mother.The doctors told the queen she may not be meant to have a baby the way the other women in her country did.  The queen was troubled by horrible nightmares. Each night she tossed and turned while she dreamed the doctors were chasing her with knives.

When it was time for the baby girl to be born she did not go to the doctors. She stayed in her room in the castle and she called for the king. The king whispered words of strength into her ear and held her tight in the circle of his arms. The queen reached out for the wisdom and love from all the mothers who had delivered babies before her. She felt the power and delivered into her arms the baby girl. The queen and the king named the princess Sophie, the Greek word for wisdom, for Sophie was born with the knowledge that she has the power within her to bring new life into this world.

When Princess Sophie was a little girl, the queen was again blessed with another baby. The princess attended the queen and learned to measure the queen’s belly, listen to the baby’s heart, and feel which way the baby was laying. When it came time for the baby to be born Princess Sophie helped the queen and was the first person to meet her brother, the young prince.

The queen still fights the occasional battle, but mostly she spends her time with the princes and her special daughter, the one and only princess. She wishes above all things for her children to know they are capable of achieving great things in their lives, no matter their goals, so long as they have confidence in themselves.