Embracing 2014

So long to 2013. I hope it was a good year for you. Everyone has those years where you think, “thank goodness it is over.” Other times the year is so fantastic, the end seems poignant. The dropping ball signals another 365 days that you can never go back and live again. How is it that being happy can make you sad? The truth is that sometimes I go to bed, my heart full of joy after kissing the heads of my small precious children, and I fear the march of time. I don’t want a single thing to change. Because I can’t keep my children young anymore than my hair from turning gray, I will face my fear, and embrace 2014. These are the goals I would like to share.

Make the most of small time–  I need to remember every single minute of the day is special. If it comes down to a clean floor or a puppet show, I’ll sit amongst the crumbs to watch the show instead of sweeping. When you focus on the grand gestures you can overlook all the little opportunities for making memories. Making the most of the small time is a way to savor each day. 

Surround yourself with people you love– When you are young it is so important to fit in with the crowd. As you get older you learn it is important to have connections with people who make you feel good. On this blog I often write about food or environmental toxins that you should avoid. The same is true for people. Perhaps there is someone who makes you feel defensive or judged. Don’t make time for those people. Spend time with the ones who make you feel valued, appreciated, and loved.

Exercise and educate– Set aside time to take care of yourself. Technology keeps you alive longer than ever before, but for quality of life you need to be physically and mentally fit. Find a way to exercise that you enjoy. I like to run but maybe someone else would like yoga or basketball. Your brain is made to constantly learn, so try learning a new language, or instrument.

Let go of the coulda shoulda wouldas– If you can’t change a fact don’t dwell on it. Get rid of thoughts that you should have done things differently. Free your focus to consider the future. 

Have dreams– As you go through 2014 and beyond, it helps to set lofty goals. Do you want to travel someplace exotic? Put passport application on your to-do list. You can be happy now with what you have, and still strive to do better. Who knows what the future will bring!