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Plastic Junk around us

Water Water Everywhere, and Plastic Crap Too

We are at the beach for a weekend get-away. This morning I got up with the kids and hit the beach before the sun got too bright. Even early, the beach was crowded with dads pulling carts and buggies full of colorful plastic junk. They discussed the various advantages of the wheels on their sand conveyance contraptions as they erected tents, laid down blankets, set up chairs, and emptied huge bags of toys.

I felt momentarily inadequate. We dig with our hands, sit in the sand, and dry off in the sun. Like the readers of this blog (at least the real readers and not my poor friends and family who feel obligated to read it), we are conservationists, which means in many ways we are minimalists. Very few would disagree with the argument that an abundance of unrecycled plastic crap is bad for the environment. Consider the resources to make and transport junk that never biodegrades and gets into our ecological system.

I beleive there is a a human cost too. As human beings we evolved close to the earth, and it’s only relatively recently that corporations have encouranged us to remove ourselves from nature. We are still part of the earth. Our brains are wired to take in all the sensations around us. We are meant to see it, smell it, and touch it. The beach is a great place to exercise our senses. You can feel the sand, taste the salt, listen to the waves, watch the sunset into the ocean. Some scientists believe we draw electons from the earth when we walk barefoot. Google “earthing.”

The problem I see it that all this plastic junk is getting in the way of really experiencing the beach. It’s insulating our senses. Plus, it ends up littering the beach or in a landfill for eternity.

Despite the lack of plastic junk (we did have one pail and shovel, but the shovel broke) we had a great morning at the beach.

A plastic free beach experience


Honest Parent, Honest Child

Lately I’ve been catching my son telling some little white lies. He has always been a very honest child so I wondered what has been going on. It seems almost like a sophisticated way to manipulate a scenario to his advantage.

This morning he woke up too early. I asked him to lay back down and promised I would wake him up before I left for work. As I was leaving I saw he was sound asleep on the couch where I left him. I brushed his dark blonde hair off his brow and kissed his forehead and prepared to sneak out the door. It hit me…I had no intention of waking him up when I told him I would. I told a little white lie. A gentle lie. My son often doesn’t get enough sleep and I wanted him to get more sleep. I had the best of intentions.

I decided that as important as his sleep is, I don’t want to compromise my integrity. If I want to my children to be honest then I need to be honest-completely honest.

I shook his shoulder and watched him slowly wake up and look at me with a smile, building the trust he puts in me daily to do what I say I will do.

We had a private quiet breakfast together while the rest of the household slept. When I absolutely had to leave I asked him to go back to bed. He padded back up the stairs and said he will go to bed. And I believed him.