Honest Parent, Honest Child

Lately I’ve been catching my son telling some little white lies. He has always been a very honest child so I wondered what has been going on. It seems almost like a sophisticated way to manipulate a scenario to his advantage.

This morning he woke up too early. I asked him to lay back down and promised I would wake him up before I left for work. As I was leaving I saw he was sound asleep on the couch where I left him. I brushed his dark blonde hair off his brow and kissed his forehead and prepared to sneak out the door. It hit me…I had no intention of waking him up when I told him I would. I told a little white lie. A gentle lie. My son often doesn’t get enough sleep and I wanted him to get more sleep. I had the best of intentions.

I decided that as important as his sleep is, I don’t want to compromise my integrity. If I want to my children to be honest then I need to be honest-completely honest.

I shook his shoulder and watched him slowly wake up and look at me with a smile, building the trust he puts in me daily to do what I say I will do.

We had a private quiet breakfast together while the rest of the household slept. When I absolutely had to leave I asked him to go back to bed. He padded back up the stairs and said he will go to bed. And I believed him.