Squeezing the Last Days of Summer

By habit I am a procrastinator. In college and even grad school all my papers were written hours before they were due. My work wasn’t as thorough as my peers who spent weeks on their assignments, but I always made my deadlines. As an adult my procrastination has spilled over into how I plan for my children. Here we are at the end of summer and I feel as though we haven’t done anything on “the list.”

Last April I pictured this awesome summer where every day was the best-day-ever. This would be the summer we got to know the staff at the batting cages and mini golf park. We’d take the canoe out. There would be road trips and amusement parks. The backyard would become a drive-in movie theater or a campground. We’ve done zero of these things.
True it has been a good summer, but some of the best days have been the last two in our effort to squeeze the last drops out of summer. This weekend I told the school year “just hang on I am wrapping up summer right now.”
This past weekend was a whirlwind of adventure. We went to the park, had a picnic, walked to the beach, knocked on neighbors doors, set up the sprinkler, went to a ball game, played with glow sticks, and collected seeds from the flowers. I was also supposed to make minecraft crispy treats but something had to go.
As I check off the list I remember this time last year. Late August with the threat of the approaching school year and end of summer as we knew it. In a last minute panic I spent the entire day catering to the wackiest and zaniest ideas the kids could come up with. We made costumes and took a hike through the woods. When I look back on my memories of summers past, these are the halcyon days I remember.
So yes I am a procrastinator, but I’m getting better and I never gave up. I hope when the kids look back the remember these last days of summer as I do, so full of joy that come April we will start day dreaming of all the things we will do…next summer.