The twilight of my garden

It has been a long time since I wrote a  piece for this blog. I have been in the process of packing up this household and building a new house on the mouth of the Magothy in Annapolis. One of the chores I didn’t relish was turning my garden back into a lawn for my neighbor who has been so kind to lease us space.

Many of my posts focus on my belief that children should have a garden to connect them to earth and healthy ways. In my garden my children have learned how to make compost and take care of pet worms.  They learned to mash up mint for homemade bug repellent. They grew fruits and vegetables and picked them for dinner.

Now that garden I built with love, where I took that picture of Joe in a pea patch, needs to end. Eventually when we settle into the new house we will start again. Last week the kids and I took apart the forms, dug up our special rocks, pulled up plants, and raked out the dirt. With a tear in my eye I shook a bag of grass seed over the lawn.

What happened next warmed my heart. My little 20 month old picked up a watering can and toddled around pouring little drops over the seeds. He recognized a seed and knew how to grow it.

In this moment I had new hope that my children’s generation will turn us around. Where we grow our own food free on pesticides and GMOs that make us sick.  Where we eat real whole food from local sources without the wasteful packaging that fills up landfills.

This hope energizes me to re start my garden and my blog.
Enjoy your fall harvest.

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