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If I were a rich mom…

As I was pulling out of the neighborhood to run errands on my day off I noticed a mobile dog groomer van in front of my neighbor’s house. “What a great service,” I thought. It got me thinking that now-a-days you really can pay for convenience and I wondered what I would pay for if I won the mom lotto.

The first indulgence came to mind instantly. Car service. I wouldn’t want to hire a full time chauffeur because I like to drive, but think of how much more you could get done as a mom if you didn’t have to drive. You could pull back ‘dance hair’ and tie karate belts as you lounged out in the back of a town car. Maybe we would be on time.

The next service I would acquire is a toilet cleaner. I would pay big bucks for this specialty. Many families use a house cleaning service. With three kids and a full time job I myself have a professional come in every so often, but no  one ever cleans in the recesses around the toilet, places you wouldn’t know existed if you didn’t have little boys. I suspect the bathroom by the video game corner may cost extra. That’s ok I’d pay it.

Everyone in Hollywood has a personal assistant right? I would get one too. His/her job would be to go through the kids backpacks and folders and sort out all the paperwork from school, sports, scouts, and activities. My assistant would sort them all and place the important dates on our family calendar, and then remind me over and over.

Next would be a stylist. But they wouldn’t have to a true professional, just someone who could convince the kids to wear real clothes, unlike me. Joe’s Flacco jersey went for three days in a row last week and it is getting too cold for Sophie to wear the lollipop dress every day.

If I still had money left over I would also hire a toy sorter. This may sound like an excess but really it will be nice. Think of how any board games, puzzles, and Lego sets you have right now that are missing one tiny yet critical piece. Having someone come into you house once a day and put everything in its proper place would make all the toys seem new everyday. Unlike the toilet service, I suspect we’d outgrow this need as the kids get older.

But oh well, isn’t there a quote like: “a rich mom is one whose children run to her arms when her hands are empty.” I guess I do feel wealthy with love.

What would you do if you won the mom lotto?