5 things I want you to know about my special needs child

Most parents are counting down the days until school starts next week. When you have a child with special needs there is a whole extra set of apprehensions. There are so many things I want to say to help others understand. Here are five.

1. I’m really happy for you when your child achieves an accomplishment and I want to share in your joy. You can tell me. My child may not make honor roll or all stars but he works really hard on his goals. I’d like to share his accomplishments too.

2. It’s okay to ask me questions. I love talking about my son. I’m no expert but your questions may help me understand too. I’d rather you ask then wonder.

3. I want you to talk to your child about children who are different. Teach them that even when a child doesn’t learn the same way or run the same way there can still be common bonds.

4. The accommodations my child has shouldn’t detract from your child’s education. I know it is frustrating when your child’s teacher is helping a few kids in the class on a task yours completed independently. I hope your child sees this as an opportunity to help his peers. This is a lifelong skill.

5. I wouldn’t change a thing about my son. Yes he drives me crazy and yes sometimes I’m exhausted from his special care but he’s my sweet boy and everyday when he falls asleep I think to myself how blessed I am to be his mother.