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The Opposite of a Bully

Today was field day at my 1st grader’s school, a day most kids look forward to. Add dyspraxia (poor muscle control), Sensory Processing Disorder (aversion to stimuli such as loud noises), and ADD (inattentiveness) and it can be a disaster. For this reason I took off work so I could help my son make the best of the day.

What I saw when I walked onto the field melted my heart. One of his classmates, Ky, was holding my son’s hand. When I walked up to them she explained to me that she was his partner. The teacher didn’t assign partners, this was something Ky wanted to do on her own. She went from station to station with him even though it meant waiting. She showed an infinite patience.

I can’t be sure what about Ky makes her want to help. I also don’t know how she can tell that there is a special need among her classmates. Maybe because her brother has severe allergies she is sensitive to health conditions. Maybe her mom has talked to her about being a helper. Maybe she just has a heart of gold.

Every day I hear about bullies. In the news are the kids who harass their classmates on the internet. On the play grounds we hear who said this or that. I just want to recognize that there are amazingly compassionate children out there.

When addressing the problem with bullying I think we need to take a look at children like Ky…the opposite of a bully. She is sensitive to the fact that everyone is different and has different strengths. She wants to be helpful. In fact she’s rather be a helper than a winner. In my book…that makes her a star.