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Mussels, a real fast food

So in today’s “adventures in grocery shopping” Andrew talked me into a parcel of mussels. He has ordered them at restaurants before and liked them, and I know they are a good source of lean protein, iron, and omega 3 fatty acids. I was worried they were going to be a hassle to cook though and we usually opt for an easy meal on Sundays.


I was amazed by how quickly they steamed. It was almost effortless. I served them with quinoa spaghetti and sautéed vegetables. The whole meal took me 10 minutes and costs less than $10.

Wanna try it at home?

Start by bringing a small amount of water to a boil. Like just enough to cover the bottom of the pan a 1/4 inch. You can also use wine or even beer if your kids aren’t sharing with you. You can add fresh garlic or other seasoning to your water too.

imageWhile the water is boiling rinse your mussels and inspect them to make sure they are all good. Throw them in the pot. This is where I put the spaghetti in the next pot over. When I checked back the shells were open and the were ready to eat.

The big kids ate them right out of the shells. Joe had his cut up in tiny little pieces which he gobbled up. Sophie claims they taste like chicken. image